flappiis asked: Have you ever put up a tent (maybe with friends) and spent a night in a calm and green forest or national park?

I’ve done that with my parents 3 years ago, and then did that with some friends in school 2 years ago… I got hurt both times so now I don’t think I want to go camping for a while… 1st time I got a deep cut in my leg and the 2nd time I broke my leg… Next time I’m going to die probably so… I might as well wait for that day xD

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flappiis asked: What would you do if you see someone trying to abandon a bunny (pet) on purpose? (Every year, animal shelters receive a surge of unwanted Easter pets who are given up after the owners have lost interest or are unable to care for them. Unfortunately, many are euthanized due to lack of available homes. :’/ Besides, these animals are domestic species. They’re unable to seek out food and normally die of starvation or exposure to the elements, or maybe get killed by other animals).

I would take that animal home of course, and then offer it to my cousin because she wants a pet and my mum is allergic to some animal fur, so yapes, I would save that poor creature :c

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